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Introducing EasyGo:

We understand that its not easy to look back and forth from your phone to the road, its even dangerous. So, we decided to fix this issue and invent EasyGo. Its almost impossible to miss a turn when you see the guided line right in front of you on the road! 

Our innovative AR GPS takes driving without distractions to a new level. With EasyGo installed into your windshield there is no need to look away from the road. Our product places the directions right in front of your eyes by laying the line down directly on top of the road guiding you where you need to go.

Often times, users of the app Google Maps or Apple Maps will miss their turn unsure of where the turn was exactly, with EasyGo you’ll never have to question which road to take. The different colored lines guide you, it’s truly easy!

We took your average GPS and placed it upon your windshield. This will never obstruct your view as it is transparent and lays on top of the road but never above objects such as cars. In case of a car blocking the view to your next turn, we have arrows at the top of the screen with the distance between you and the turn to ensure even further that there is no miscommunication between getting you where you need to be.

In case of an object in the road ahead, a car stalled, or even a car accident, EasyGo will let you know. A caution sign will pop up in the corner letting you know what could delay your drive. In case of heavy traffic, EasyGo will offer a different route in a green transparent line. A red line for heavy traffic, and a blinking red line to prepare for caution.

The normal driving line will appear blue along the road. We also want to make sure you are being 100% safe, so our feature offers the ability to have the speed limit appear along your windshield as well. All of these features are 100% customizable and can be turned off and on as you please.

Colors have the ability to be changed as well. You can tell EasyGo where you want to go with voice command. If that doesn’t work for you, we also offer the touch screen that is necessary for the windshield to work, to program your drive

Who is it for?

EasyGo is perfect for anyone who drives! This is offered to everyone with a car and will automatically be built into every single new manufactured car in 2021. This feature is especially helpful for those who drive for a living. Whether you are a delivery driver, or you drive once in a while, EasyGo will help you drive safer and more efficiently. Don’t waste time missing turns and messing with your GPS. We took prototypes and offered them to delivery drivers all over the country. The feedback we received was positive and said to be especially helpful when delivering to new areas. 

Where you can find EasyGo.

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We are dedicated to helping drivers become safer and more attentive while driving.

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